The Beauty of Snowflakes

Have you ever noticed the beauty and grace of a soft winter’s snow? The puffy flakes flow softly to the ground to meet trillions of siblings. The shimmer in the night’s air is a true wonder of God.  It has been said that that no two snowflakes are alike.  Can you believe that?  If there is one amazing wonder on this planet it is that one.

Have you noticed how many 100’s of trillions of individual flakes that must fall during one single storm?  Every time I dip my hand down into the snow and look at the tiny gems my mind starts to boggle at the thought of so many multitudes of different shapes and designs.  The old adage that no two snowflakes are the same cannot actually be proven true but with each individual snowflake having at least 180 billion molecules, the odds are against any two being alike.

Let’s think about this though.  The bible asks in the book of Genesis 18:14, “Is anything too hard for the LORD?”  The LORD had just told Abraham that he and Sarah would have a baby but they were  both old enough to use “walkers”.  Sarah even had the audacity to laugh at the statement from the Theophany (physical manifestation of Jesus in the Old Testament) alongside the two angels of the LORD.

Realistically, would it be too hard for  God to make 100’s of trillions of flakes that no two were ever exactly alike?  Of course not, he is endless and he has no limits to bind him as humans have limits.  Why would it be so hard for the universe maker to make so many different shapes, each one having their own character, design and essence to it?  He made the universe and I’m sure us Christians will soon find out that no two stars or planets are exactly the same either.

Therefore, the next time you find yourself outside during a snow, put your hand out and behold one of God’s most delightful artisanship.  Put a snowflake inside the palm of your hand and then move it side to side  and watch it gladly show itself off to you as it gives glory to God in the highest. Have you ever thought about the amazing fact that no two snowflakes have ever been seen to be exactly alike­–what are your thoughts? Share your comments with my community below.

The Scenic route home: Pt 2

A thousand kicks and punches pummeled the face and body of the old man.  As he writhed in agony with shockwaves of sharp pain shooting from every pain sensor in his body, he started to convulse. His face was no longer recognizable.  His nose was noticeabaly broken and his eyes had rolled back in his head. He laid on the ground in misery, his speech slurred as he tried to force out one final breath, “I….I…I forgive you.”

Unfortunately, one too many kicks to the head had caused his brain to rupture in aneurysm.

As the old man’s heart slowed to a standstill, he noticed the sounds of sirens far off. To him it seemed odd that he was hearing these sounds, when by the time they actually got to him, his body would be no more than an empty vessel that use to house a man of God.

He knew it was his time.

Traveling through a glorious tunnel of light and colors, Joe realized he had taken his first breath on the other side of life.  The tunnel was a parquet of dazzling-vivid colors of  green, blue, purple, mauve, yellow and a thousand other colors that no man on earth had ever seen before. There was even black. Yes, black, that was dark, yet filled with indescribable light. It had always been his favorite color, but he assumed it would be no more in Heaven because it was a color always associated with sin and death back on the earth.  The scene was  more beautiful than any he had ever seen on earth, blessing him immeasurably.

The most gorgeous colored balls whizzed by him showing him his life in great detail, what was done, good and bad in the body. The balls were stunning and glorious and he somehow knew that no diamond on earth could even come close in value. Sixty-three years sped before his eyesight in a millisecond. In this new realm, time was non-existent, but yet he somehow understood on earth it would have taken hundreds of years for this same detailed and complex, informal judgment to be completed. Every decision he had made for his heavenly Father, every decision that had motivated him to go against the norm and stand on the bible was all written in the books, seeing each detail in the colorful balls, including his final prayers in the break-room and acts of heroism before the angry mob.   The light at the end of the tunnel was so brilliant that he knew he would have been annihilated with his old body. He was entering into the Shekinah glory of the King of kings.

As Joe continued upwards through the glorious tunnel and the last ball had past by, he noticed he was taking  a detour, as he went through the colorful folds of the tunnel wall. It was at this time that he noticed a mammoth angel who must have been at least twelve feet tall flying him through space. “Behold, the wonders of God’s universe, he promised to show you on your way home,” the angel said with a voice that thundered. Joe finally remembered: It was the scenic route home. He forgot about that prayer so many years ago, but his LORD had not.
Long ago when he was eight years old he had asked the LORD to see all his wonders of creation, the dazzling splendor, the awesome brilliance and vibrant color of his art work as Creator on the canvas of the universe. 
They came upon a beautiful galaxy that looked like a colorful Sombrero Mexican hat, which he noticed was the sombrero galaxy he asked God to see up close when he was little.
The angel continued, “We are 50,000,000 light years from earth now. This galaxy is 82,000 light years wide and contains 779 billion suns like earth’s or bigger.” As the angel flew him past this galaxy, he couldn’t help but boggle at the mind how photos of this galaxy on earth had not done this glorious scene justice.
The scenic route was more wonderful than he could have ever dreamed–stars were not only  more alive in his new existence, but they were almost, yes–speaking to him of the magnificence and splendor and dominion of the One who brought them all into existence for the opportunity to declare His glory. The angel, knowing Joe’s thoughts, reminded him of Psalm 19:1-5 and he began to well up with the type of joy, peace and love that he knew was impossible back on earth and that would only heighten in ecstasy each new breath he took.  Then,  moments later they were in a different part of the universe beholding a more spectacular site….

The Scenic route home: Pt 1

The crowd from hell beat the old man senseless.They steadied their eyes over Joseph Potter’s  broken and tattered body and watched him breathe his last breath.  The mob of union workers realized they had just killed one of their own managers of the company in their blind rage, but also one who followed his God closely. Joseph always did what was right, and today had been no different as he had stood up for one of the union employees who had crossed the picket line do to little mouths at home.

But Joe was a man who just talked too much about his God and His Good book and this time his God, apparently could not save him.

The hell crowd was not only in shock to the fact that they just had beaten a man to death who was about to retire in a few months to the easy life, but beat to death one who had just stood up for an employee who hated him to the core- from his black skin to his “in your face religious beliefs”.


Earlier that day in the picket line, Mark Dolton had decided enough was enough.  He couldn’t stand out there another minute while his three little precious children suffered at home, along with a wife who was at the end of her rope. Three years of marriage,  three kids and no money was putting a burden on his young marriage and he had to get the elephant off his chest.

Those on the picket line got incensed when Mark had all of a sudden dropped his picket sign like a bad habit.  Stone faced,  he walked passed the other picketers to the front doors of the factory to resume his regular workload.

Everyone knew Mark had never been a man of his word, constantly stirring up dissension, breaking company policies and daring others to follow his lead.  He also admitted cheating on his wife several times because she  was always  too busy  talking with friends on Facebook,  according to his story.

Marks crossing the line caused tempers to flare and threats to spew, even over to his family.  He was scared, knowing he could’ve been seriously hurt by his fellow colleagues.

Joe loved God deeply and frequently told the union workers that he had loved them like his own sons and daughters, which bothered them because he always did things by the book and lived by his Bible, causing many to be in a state of ambivalence towards him.
He had made an oath to God to pray for the strikers and their families over his lunch hour daily since it had started nine weeks prior, but it seemed nothing was happening, only getting worse.
That lunch hour as Joe had been praying five floors up he heard a major ruckus boiling below and noticed everyone surrounding and becoming more hostile to one particular worker-Mark Fenton, his employee, but enemy to everything Joe had stood for in his life.
But it didn’t keep the old man from shooting down the stairs like a track star to rescue the man who had everything to lose on that day.
As the crowd started gesturing, swinging signs and throwing anything they could pick up at Mark, Joe jumped in front of him like a father would his son, put his head down in his chest and shielded him from the crowd. Mark was amazed and shocked at his rescuer.
Nevertheless, Joe quickly walked him to safety to the front doors of the factory while putting himself at  grave risk.

When the old man walked back outside, the strikers had gotten even more visibly riled up. They hurled insults at him like arrows at a cowboy,  calling him the N-word and every foul word in the book,  mixed with his precious LORD’s name.

Nevertheless,  he had seen it as another opportunity to share about God’s love for them.  He shouted firmly but lovingly to the eighty or so picketers how God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believed in him would never die, but have eternal life.

The old man was full of compassion, as the sun beat down on his dark skin and sweated brow,  the pupils of his eyes full of radiant life and passion as he continued, “Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his love for us in this: While we were still sinners and mortal enemies of the gospel, Jesus Christ died for us. So please, I beg of you, cut Mark some slack, just as the Lord Jesus Christ has done for you and I.”
This put  blazing fire in their eyes– the mob dropped their signs into piles and began charging him like a herd of angry elephants -what happened next was unthinkable.

The Anchor that changed the Stegall family tree for eternity

Who would have known that a little baby could be used as a change agent to stop so much evil in one man. Who would have known that one infant girl could have changed the course of history. Nevertheless, she did. Nine pounds of life from the breath of God, changed me into the man of God I am today.

Kayla is my first-born daughter and I wanted to share with the world the depths of her kindness, caring and love of God she has in her heart. I will also be decreeing her future greatness in Christ and my gratitude to the LORD for it. Before the Stegall family had even been created, God formed two of the biggest and brightest, most beautiful light brown eyes in the universe, to change the heart of one hardened sinner. From her light brown flowing hair to her wonderful essence, everything about her was created for God’s purpose and glory. That first purpose was to change this particular branch of the Stegall family tree from darkness to light.

Don’t Be a hypocrite before your Child

I remember one day I was in my apartment and God said, “Don’t try and teach that little baby anything until you learn to live right yourself. You’re not raising a fool–as soon as that child grows old enough to learn her 1-2-3’s and a-b-c’s , she’ll know your nothing more than a hypocrite , a fraud, an imitation of a real bible believing saint.” All I could think was, ‘Oh ,wait, stop the train!‘ I’m headed on the wrong road in the wrong direction. Two months later, I had theinfamous fight in the mirror.

Called to be a light in the Darkness

Eleven years later, Kayla has enough love in her to start her own homeless shelter. Her best friend, Jordan, who I also pray for in their godly relationship daily, is a girl who also goes to the same church as her. They are best friends and I know the LORD has wonderful plans for them in the future.

Although I do not get to see my daughter as much as I would like, God always makes the few times I see her monthly a great blessing. Most fathers don’t give a rip about their daughters and not only could care less about seeing them, but regularly ditch paying child support, like an adult version of hide and seek. But praise be to the LORD God, he has kept me faithful in paying child support for 11 years now to prove to Kayla that not only do I say I love her, but I prove it by my actions.

I know Kayla will make a difference in this world when she becomes an adult and I believe even do greater works in her lifetime than I will have when it’s all said and done for Christ. I pray that 2 Peter 1:5-8 would be deep within her soul at all times. She will have demons trembling when she walks into a room because of the Spirit of God on her. I call those things that be not, as though they were.

Prayer of the Righteous

Recently she graduated the fifth grade, making her daddy as proud as Superman at a Lex Luther jail induction ceremony . She graduated with honors, an even greater accomplishment because she doesnot have me in the home on a regular basis to encourage her and lead her by example.

The bible says, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man, avails much power,” James 5:16, therefore I lift my daughter Kayla before throne of God again as I’ve down hundreds of times since her birth. I declare that she will be a successful woman of God in reaching souls for Christ; that she would walk in love (agape) and the wisdom of the God. I declare that she shall have the fear of the LORD at a very young age, so that she shallhave wealth, honor and life.

I anoint her steps that they would be ones that would bring the gospel message to tens of thousands who are hurting and need a touch from God, throughout her lifetime. I pray that everything she touches turns to gold and that others may be blessed by her because of her uncommon wisdom, humility and love. May the cloak of humility be also wrapped around her heart so that she does not look down upon others when she is lifted up in Christ Jesus. I also declare that she shall destroy Satan’s kingdom by the word of God that proceeds out of her mouth. Yes, my daughter, Kayla, when her life is said and done, I declare that she shall be in the front of the Throne room of Heaven with all of the other great Stegall Overcomers. May the blessing of God be multiplied in her life, and may the Holy Spirit lead her into all righteousness in Christ Jesus. In addition, this is why, before the foundations of the world were even created, God decided to use Kayla as an anchor that changed the Stegall family tree for eternity.




Indescribable God Pt 2

We talked about the indescribable beauty of our God in part one but now let’s look at his creation. Have you ever seen pictures of the Northern lights, they are stellar in their own rights, but to know the one who created them is far beyond exhilarating. He has created a universe that is so far beyond the definition of vastness that it is almost ludicrous to ponder. Tell me who can truly comprehend the nearest star outside our own sun being 4.37 light years or 25.8 trillion miles away? Can you imagine how many times you would have to stop for gas?

We see in Genesis 1 the glory of God’s creation in how he spoke a word and the planet and the universe leapt into existence out of nothing. With all of the creatures that he created, including his crown jewel, humanity, we see a God of perfect order and detail. Science, biology, archeology, astronomy, physics, etc all give glory to the God of the bible because Christians can start with a nonbiased point of view and at the end of the day, still come to the conclusion of the Creator. With Chrisitanity, you don’t have to check your brains at the door and throw away all your common sense for all the evidence proves that evolution is the biggest fraud since whole life insurance.

When we look at Job 38 when the LORD is answering Job from a whirlwind, we see the wonderful omnipotence of his being. When I read Job 38, I feel like it is Superman in for the rescue. But this time he is rescuing his own reputation. The devil had doubted God’s greatness in Job’s trial; Job’s friends surely had lied on his character and brought a distorted picture of the God Job served. Job also felt like he was due an answer from God like he was somebody compared to the Almighty. As we read that entire chapter, aren’t these all questions that although they were asked of job, need to be asked to us because sometimes we as humans think that we have “arrived” and deserve something from the LORD when it should always be all about Christ? Everything must have its purpose in Christ.

Can you answer verse 4? What were the earth’s footings set on in verse 5? Since we know so much, let us give orders to the morning like in verse 12. What about verse 31– does that question just catapult you to your knees before such an awesome God? Watch the video above again, this time meditating on the brilliance of Job 38 and how the Holy Spirit caused this to be written down on paper in such a methodical with breathtaking implications of who he really is. Ponder over the questions in part one and two and share with the community about the indescribable God you serve. Has it made you look at him with more reverence, honor and respect?

Indescribable God Pt 1

When I look at the depths of the beauty of creation when I walk outside atnight or see a picture of a mountain that overloads my senses, I come to the realization that we serve an indescribable God. Do you ever wonder what it must have been like for John trying to describe God on the Throne with all the colors and the Shekinah glory in that place in Revelation chapter 4. If he’d been wearing socks, they would have been blown off like a roof in Florida during hurricane season. Being a writer, I was boggled at the thought of seeing the Galaxy Maker, face to face as John did in the final book. I know i would have been at a loss of words too as I would have tried to put into words the untold site.

He did his best in the book of Revelation to describe Jehovah God on the throne. What do you think about when he said he saw someone that resembled jasper and carnelian? I try to imagine that picture, but my mind is unable to comprehend it because we know his beauty and splendor is well beyond the human ability to reason. Can you imagine all his splendor and glory refracting from glorious light onto and through everything? This is why I included pictures of jasper, carnelian, diamonds and emeralds so that we can at least begin to imagine the threshold of the beauty and Shekinah glory of our LORD.

Now there are many different colors of jasper such as red, yellow, brown, etc, but I believe John is referring to the purest and holiest color of transparent clear which would reflect the greatest amount of Shekinah glory through his perfect being. Jasper is also refered to in diamonds which would be the most costly stone that we understand today.

Some commentators refer to the diamond in the reference to jasper as the clear one in theThrone Room. It also talks about a rainbow that resembled an emerald surrounding the Throne; how glorious would that be? Look what the Sermon Bible Commentator in volume 12 says, “The exalted monarch is said to be like a jasper and a sardine stone. I find the soberest commentators agreed in declaring that what is here called jasper must be the diamond, and the sardine is only what we call a carnelian, that is, a flesh-colored gem in hue, as the name signifies. Hence, these expositors would have us believe that this personage, with a Divine brightness and a human expression, is none other than the Lamb in the midst of the throne. ”

Can you imagine our God in the splendor of beautiful diamonds? Talk about an outfit that would be the talk of the town on the red carpet. If he were to walk down the red carpet, everybody in Hollywood would just disintegrate. We’ll look more at our indescribable God in Part two coming up with a video and more discussion.

Delight yourself in the LORD

Have you ever really enjoyed doing something with all your heart? It is a wonderful thing to be in a field where you cannot wait to fulfill what you feel you were put on the earth for. Psalms 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” I think many Christians feel that they should not ask the LORD for their desires because they feel that it is being too carnal. Some feel that is almost silly to get “giddy” for Christ because we can’t truly see him as a friend that cares about the little details of our lives. Proverbs 16:3 is a cross reference to Psalms 37:4 because it talks about committing ones plans to God and the benefits of doing so. It’s a great scripture and lets us get on another level with him in that God is a God of joy, fun and laughter and wants us to succeed in all we do as long as it is a part of his will.

It’s good to think on the LORD and ponder on his wonders, for it is what honors him. We can take delight in the Lord’s Day, the Sabbath, reflecting on him and his goodness. This helps a Christian get back to the basics also in that everything is about the LORD, for the LORD and to be completed in the LORD. It’s not about us, like the enemy would have us believe.

When I delight myself in the LORD, I love to just get real with him and talk to him about Heaven and what’s going on up there. I know it’s my eternal home so I ask him questions about it, what it is like, or what does that scripture refer to or this one, regarding it. Being in his presence will bring joy untold and is the best way to have his desires become your desires. I use to always think what ifwriting is not what he has called me to do, although I love to do it? Well I’m good at many things including sports, but I wasn’t called to sports. Writing was something I originally hated in school growing up, but then he put a desire in my heart to do it and I got straight A’s in college. Then I started to run from that ‘delight’ he had given me, but I couldn’t get away from it. Now I have my own site and am wholeheartedly writing for the King of kings, fifteen years later. All because I chose to follow him with complete faith, joy and hope rooted in him.

Seek him with all your heart and everything you ever desired will be added unto you beyond your wildest dreams. Have you learned to delight yourself in the LORD at this point in your Christian walk? If not, what holds you back from delighting in him? Share with the community below.

Get the weights out of your hands

Have you ever noticed when you go to church, how many people during prayer or praise and worship actually lift their hands unto the LORD. Some people stare at the ones who lift hands during these times as if to burn a hole though their soul while others fold their arms like an unimpressed school girl who just rejected the wooing of her boy admirer. Some people in the church want to raise their hands to honor God, but their hands are just too heavy to get them in the air.

I remembered when I was growing up in junior high and high school and my mom tried to get me to lift my hands to the LORD, she said it was a form of “surrendering”. I use to always think to myself, “Why, I’m not guilty nor am I going to jail for anything.” My hands could never get any higher than my belt line for the weights in my hands were like a 1000lbs universal weight set.

However, in Psalms 63:4 and 1Timothy2:8 we see that it is important to lift holy hands unto the LORD. Now I am not building a doctrine, but simply saying it is a good thing to submit to the LORD in prayer and in praise n’ worship by lifting holy hands to the LORD. It is about the heart more than anything, instead of an outward show. Many Christians cannot raise their hands though because of the weights that bog those clappers down.
 Back in the biblical days, raising the hands to pray to and worship God was a sign of a submitted heart to God. I am not saying this is the resounding factor to determine if someone is close to the LORD or not but it can be a good indicator. The weight in people’s hands are whatever holds them back from praising God with all their heart or praying with great fervor and passion.
Things that keep the hands pinned to your sides would include, but not limited to, the weight of  what are others going to think?, pride, unforgiveness, listening to music that does not glorify God but an undercover lifestyle.
With all things considered above, do you lift your hands with a submitted and surrendered heart or do you think it is a waste of time? Do you ever get embarrassed by lifting your hands to Jesus or do you even think he cares? Share your comments below.

The City that will sparkle like diamonds

When Jesus comes back to rein on the Earth he will renovate it for those who lived for him in faith.  It will be a New Earth and a New Jerusalem and we shall dwell there forever, along with enjoying the universe as our playground.  Many do not believe the New Jerusalem is real, but only speaks figuratively.

Come on all you naysayers out there, you’re better than that.

There are too many scriptures that speak of the actual dimensions of the city and its physical properties, when it comes to the golden streets, twelve foundations of precious stones, and real angels at each of the twelve gates.  Even one of the names of the LORD, Jehovah Shammah, literal speaks that he will be in and dwell in the city with his Saints. I also believe it will be another name of the new city. You can check out the city description in Revelation 21

Can you imagine living in a city with glory and beauty unmitigated?  We will never stop seeing the glories of the LORD in that city for it will continue on forever.  What will it be like to hold hands with the LORD and walk down streets of gold beholding the wonderful architecture, smelling the delightful aromas of flowers and different savory foods?  Have you ever thought about what it will be like to look up and see the almost 1500 mile story buildings God has created there?(Remember in the Greek, which is what the New testament was written in, says 1500 stadia in every direction, including straight up).

The city will sparkle like a trillion diamonds because the billowing light of the Lord will caress the thousands of colors and jewels of the city like a girl with a new engagement ring.  There will be glorious light everywhere, no darkness at all or even shawdows.  We will finally behold the Shekinah Glory of God. In addition, the LORD himself will be there to show us around his place.  What a day it will be to see that magnificent skyline that will sparkle, showing off our new eternal homes.  Along with the other questions above, please share your comments with the community and also on whether you have or haven’t thought about Heaven, your eternal home.

The Phenomenon of Laminin

Every Atheist will give an account on the Day of Judgment for what God has stamped on the inside of each of their DNA strands.  There are almost 200 cell adhesion protein molecules in the human body.  Each and everything that is living and breathing has this protein molecule.  When someone buys something from McDonalds, Kellogg’s, etc. we know that these companies have, in affect, stamped their logo on their product to say to anyone who purchases there product, “I made this product, it belongs to our company and brand.”  Our Creator has done this exact same thing.  Laminin speaks for itself, and the glory of the LORD.  This specific cell adhesion molecule has been stamped in us, for it is the very thing that holds us together.  Truly, splendor comes in small packages.

Without this Molecule, your body would literally fall apart.  It is the lining that holds your organs together and the skin that you see in the mirror each morning that you wake up.  Yes, it is true, we serve a cool God, but unfortunately, for the evolutionist, atheists, and non-believers, it’ll be curtainson that final judgment day.  God will pull, right from their very own DNA, evidence that proves he is their Creator and there will be no room to debate.  God is, again, showing Christians that yes we must live by faith but also that he is a practical God and that he will give us the tangibles and proof of his word until he comes back to judge the world.   In the good book, it talks about “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, a man will reap what he sows.”  This is a spiritual principle that he has put in the earth centuries ago.  We will forever through out eternity explore the depths of God’s wonders and Laminin is just a little taste of what he has in mind for us when it comes to new discoveries.