Tyrone went to hell

Most people don’t believe hell is real, they think that it is just  a figment of the imagination.  You can talk to a person until you look like Poppa Smurf in the face, but sometimes  it just takes that person to hit rock bottom before they can hear you.

Years ago at work, I remember explaining an issue on a bill to this elderly lady,  being as patient as I possibly could, clearly articulating what the issues were and how they could be resolved.  However, she kept saying, “What, what did you say sonny? I can’t understand what your saying”

After this happened several times of going over the bill, she blurted out again, “You’re not clear.  I cant understand you, sonny-are you speaking English?”

As calmly and poingantly as I could, I said, “Mam, we have went over this three times now and I’m clearly speaking English.  The question is: are you hearing me in a different language?”  Of course, maybe not one of my best moments, and she was shocked at my being so blunt,  but amazingly she was able to catch on fairly quickly afterwards.

The point is, sometimes it takes a lot of waisted time and finally a watershed moment for a person to actually catch on, gaining deep insight and revelation.

I think Tyrone does an excellent job of showing us this exact point in his testimony about going to hell.  Some people don’t believe in hell, thinking hell is on earth or in their own minds, but the bible says none  of the above in Mark 9:47-48.

I got the opportunity to call and talk to Tyrone about his testimony and he is just as genuine in person as he comes across in this video and we’ll remain friends not just in this lifetime, but for all eternity and I am grateful to the good LORD that he has given us this opportunity to partner up and save souls across the world.

Although the video is 50 plus minutes, it seems as though it only lasted 10-15 minutes because he is very personable and the Holy Spirit is clearly speaking through him in this video.

What did you think about Tyrone’s testimony and/or what the LORD was saying to you through him about eternity without Christ? How would this video testimony affect your lost friends and family members?  Please share with the Truth Writer community.

A Revelation of Souls going to Hell

One day we were driving home from the store and the snow was finally beginning to melt after what seemed like weeks of a deep freeze. My middle daughter, Imani, broke the silence, “Wow, you can tell it’s starting to warm up, even the street lights are starting to melt.”

Ever get a revelation of something and it blew your socks off when it finally hit you? I just wish I could’ve gotten more revelations while I was sitting in school as a puzzled young man- but I digress.

When you hear someone say, “go to hell”, what does your mind think of? How do you process that statement? Most people think subconsciously, “wow, that person must be really angry to have said that”. But I say they don’t have a clue what they are saying and the gravity of their words. Those are some of the most hateful words you can say to another soul. The bible says, the tongue speaks life and death, and those who love it shall eat the fruits thereof Proverbs 18:21.

Those that have died and went to hell and come back experience an (NDE) or near death experience  and say that it is a place worse than human minds even have the ability to conceive.  Hell makes a Stephen King movie appear like Alice in Wonderland.

You can begin to get a sliver of a revelation of how utterly horrible hell is when those who have had NDE’s say they wouldn’t even wish that place on Hitler. Now with that thought in mind, what kind of revelation should that give us if we have said that statement in the past to an enemy or co-worker– surely they didn’t kill everyone in our family like a Hitler did millions. Now imagine expressing this nasty statement to a loved one you may be angry with like a friend, a spouse or even a little child–happens 1000’s of times daily across America.

Let your heart try and comprehend that hell is eternal and there is no life there, no light, no air, no water, no food, no love or peace and certainly no laughter.  The lost sinner, who will be alone forever in the agony and torment of rejecting Jesus, will be engulfed in flames and the memory of their ungodly decisions.
No one will ever come over the hill and rescue the damned in hell with words of affirmation, love and hope.  They will only know terror untold and insignificance, everlasting. If you have gotten the revelation of the lost soul who may be your mother, father, child, friend or even enemy, ask God for zeal and boldness that you would share the gospel with all you come in contact with because contrary to popular belief, the unsaved person is not predestined to go to hell.
Remember, each person will have known exactly how they should have lived their lives, that first breath on the other side of life. Did you get the revelation of hell today after reading this and watching the video? What has helped you get a revelation of the scripture Proverbs 11:30 ?

Dantes Inferno Pt 2: The Reality of hell

What about Hell in this video game gives a true depiction of the abode below? Have you seen any of the photos? First, there is a lot of light throughout the pictures. They have not only glorified Hell compared to what it really is bit there is light everywhere in the video game. However in reality, there’s no light in Hell, none. I know, your probably saying, “Come on j.d. we got to see the game to play it, right?”

Well since the makers of this silly game went out of their way to make Hell as fantasized up as they could, I felt it was my job, being the devil’s advocate, to bring a little reality and truth back into the picture. Hell is a place of outer darkness Matthew 25:30. One former sinner who had anear death experienceand came back to explain Hell said, “Hell is so dark that the darkness could be actually felt deep within my bones. It was the blackest darkness, an untold and indescribable terror to the human soul.” Others who have had similar experiences said that even the flames that torment the inhabitants, do not give off any light in this underworld.

The world, (creators of Dante’s Inferno) would have people believe that Hell is a cool and happening place. Even when I saw the trailers for the game, you can tell they are trying to glamorize Hell, make it something of a hero’s welcome where anyone can go into this forbidden abode, and if they’re strong and savvy enough, they just might be able to whoop Satan and all of his demons and get the girl after all. It’s all fun and games until someone dies and physically goes to Hell and then they finally figured out that God’s Word is serious business.
Of course, the video game could never cause anyone to go to Hell. We realize this fact, but it can weaken a hungering to have a personal relationship with Jesus long enough to doubt his word. It can also cause one to procrastinate long enough to where they actually die in their sin of unbelief and then the devil has done exactly what he set out to do from the very beginning: make God out to be a liar(which he is not), while at the same time destroying another human soul. Getting real Christians to bequiet, not speaking out about the realities of Hell is the devils forte. He knows we don’t like being called judgmental so he throws that in our faces long enough to keep us embarrassed for taking a stand on something as trivial as a little video game, while the multitudes open their eyes in eternal darkness, that first breath on the other side of a Godless life.
All the while, the bible is clear thatwe are to judge, and as Christians it is part of our makeup, as long as we do it righteously and God-honoring in the spirit of love and correction. But since most Christians rip those pages out of their bibles we have a bunch of limp-wristed saints who are completely useless to the LORD and his army in doing battle against the enemy.
The bible says in Luke 16:23 that when the rich man died and opened up his eyes, he was in torment. Later it even talks about how he could not go anywhere. Jesus said in other versus that the smoke of their (sinners) torment should rise forever and ever. Now to me, I could be wrong but their aint nothing good about that word: torment, especially when used in the context of Hell.Dante’s Inferno can even leave sinners desensitized to the fact that hell is forever. This game can give unbelievers the false notion that someone is going to come for them one day in eternity in the physical place called Hell and save them from the fiery pit the bible talks about.
Oh, Wait, Stop the Train! Then you woke up! There’s NO exit signs in Hell! It’s not a fun place–matter fact, not only is there no light, but there is no water to drink, no sleep or rest to obtain, no food, no love and there is surely NO air to breath with the flames of fire and brimstone which is the same thing as sulfur. Google sulfur and see how well your lungs work in that type of atmosphere. People who go to this place will have all the same needs they had on earth, but none of those needs will be EVER be met again for the rest of eternity. And one of the biggest lies that the game perpetrates is the luxury of death-he is slaying the multitudes of evil forces in Hell and he can even be killed if you’re not a good enough player. But the bottom line is there is no death in Hell. Only if a person would be so lucky to die and be delivered from their torments. Revelation 14:11 sums that up–that’s right, there’s no annihilation in this horrible place.
To keep the conversation going, do you think Hell is the physical place the LORD describes down deep in the earth or is it just another unproven myth to you or even just a “Hell on earth” scenario? Love to hear your thoughts on the topic below in our comments section.

Dante’s Inferno: Pt 1 An Exhilerating game?

This is one of the hottest games out on video recently. It is getting top reviews from magazines and every gamer who posts a blog or talks about it in a video. I happened to see a show a month ago on how software techs create video games and they were talking about Dante’s Inferno, their newest creation. One of the techs was describing it as they reviewed and played the game before it was released to the public. He described it in many words but the one that side swiped me was when he called it “exhilarating”.

Riding backseat in an F-14 fighter jet after you have paid $10,000 isexhilarating; going deep sea diving while a Blue Whale swims 50 feet below you is exhilarating; taking off in the space shuttle would surely be exhilarating, but playing a video game that lightens and desensitizes the truths and horrors about Hell and blasphemes God, that’s not exhilarating. That’s like seeing a sign on a garbage truck that says, “Satisfaction guaranteed or double your trash back.”–ooohh, that’s exhilerating.

C’mon all you software techs out there that created Dante’s Inferno, you’re better than that.

Most people and even plenty of gamers out there who are Christians may say that I am being judgmental regarding this issue. However, to that, I reply, “Oh yeah, well let’s see what the Word of God has to say about it.” First of all, all the reviews say there is plenty of nudity in this game, displaying private parts of both men and women and also of the head-honcho himself, Satan. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t even want to consider the thought, let alone visualize the Devil’s package. First of all, the creators of this game got it all wrong–he is an angel, therefore not human nor physical like a human and that, of course, means he has no private parts.

Now many will say, “Come on, j.d., it’s just a video game, lighten up will yah? Can’t we just have our fun with out you bible thumpin’ us?” Well excuse me; have you seen the games that are being put out there for our young kids to practice sin–I mean entertain themselves with lately? Have you seen in the news lately any adults who lost their minds because of the evil images and sin depicted in a glorious light they saw in a movie theatre, television show or video gamelately, finally deciding to go out and pull a Ramboon innocent victims in society? This game is as real as a rated “R” movie and it affects the minds of people, whether you want to admit it or not. These game makers are not playing around with our kids nor with you for that matter. They have an agenda to call evil good and good evil, downplaying everything God stands for in his holy word. I’ve talked to people who play those adult violent- sexual video games like, Grand Theft Auto, etc where you can deal with hookers, drug dealers, murderers, and even learn how to rape an innocent victim if you like. No, that doesn’t hurt anyone or cause damage to society for it’s just a video game, right? Have you ever read 2 Timothy 3:1-5? In addition, those women look real–don’t tell me that doesn’t have an effect on one’s mind. The bible says, “Cast down all vein thoughts and imaginations that exalt themselves above the knowledge of Christ Jesus,” because that is sin. If you don’t think these game creator’s goal is to desensitize the adults into playing this stuff so that they will have no problem passing the slime on down to their kids and their kids’ kids, snap out of it because you could have had a V-8.

Tomorrow we will talk more about the darkness of Dante’s Inferno and what some scriptures have to say about it. Do you think, as a Christian, that the makers of this video game had your spiritual well being in mind or is it all just fun and games and a little ole’ video never hurt a soul? Please share your comments below with the community and get a discussion going.

Undercover Christian: A letter from hell

It is important for us Christians to live a life that is righteous and good before the world, we must let our lights shine like lanterns in a mineshaft. Even if we are genuinely saved, but living undercover,we can easily cause the weaker brethren and the rest of the world to “stumble” right into hell if our lifestyles are sinful enough.

How can an Undercover Christian cause someone to go to Hell? Jesus talks about in the book of  Revelation 3:15-16 the people being neither hot nor cold but lukewarm so he rejects them. The context of the scripture is referring to the church of Laodicea, but can also be applied to Undercover Christians.
They are doing just enough to be called religious, but not enough to be wholeheartedly committed to the cause of spreading the gospel to those who were in need. Jesus knows the hearts, but man looks at the outside. Luke warm Christians are trying to do enough to afford fire insurance and be down with the world, but “hot” Christians are filled with the zeal of the LORD and are thumping people over their heads with the Word of God, but also backing it up with lifestyles that would make even the apostle Paul jealous.
 An Undercover Christian follows down the dark path of 2 Peter 2:20-22. They once knew the straight and narrow and have heard and experienced the truth of God’s word but because of the darkness in their own hearts, they fall and many times do not know or even care.
Matthew 24:12 says, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” When I was undercoverfor 27 years I didn’t truly love anybody. I hated most and only used people to get to where I wanted in life. I didn’t care about telling people about Jesus. It wasn’t Sunday six days out of seven and that was the preachers job anyway. My life was all about me and being cool, getting accolades’ at my jobs and the ladies. A terrible thought for me now is, I wonder how many people I caused to go to Hell? How many people thought by seeing my works said, “Well if that’s Christianity, I don’t want anything to do with j.d. and all the rest of those hypocrites. I’ll find my own spiritual path.”
On the flip side, how many said, “I sure am hurtin’ deep down inside, I need change, I need help. I heard Jesus is the only way, but my co-worker over there j.d.,who is a Christian, doesn’t seem to want to talk abouthis Jesus. Matter fact he seems to change the subject alot or be out the door like Speedy Gonzales when it has come up in conversations. Oh well, I guess his Jesus isn’t really that big of a deal.”

You’re probably saying saying, “Stop the train, it’s not that serious j.d. God has forgiven you.” To that I say, “Yes, you are correct, he has forgiven me. But the bible also says a man will reap what he sows, do not be deceived. Even though I’m saved I still see the affects of my past sinful ways. So my heart goes out to all those I caused to “stumble” and go down the wrong path.

 Remember the bible is clear that even Christians will have to give an account of every word, thought and deed and the motive behind each–not for salvation, but for things done good or bad in the body.(Many Christians will suffer great loss, and unfortunately due to 27 years of nothing in the church, I know I shall suffer more loss than probably 90% of those now living for Christ. But you don’t have to, repent, and ask God to give you wisdom, love and a fiery zeal to serve him and not become an undercover-backsliding mishap like I was.

You see, in the bible it talks about how cowards, those who won’t take a stand for the truth, shall have their part in the Lake of Fire. Why, because they ignore those souls oblivious and on their way to Hell like a school-yard kid skipping unknowingly down the street into the hands of a pedophile. They say nothing to the lost for the sake of not offending anyone and having everyone speak well of them.

 C’mon, all you apostates out there, you’re better than that!

Don’t let your friends or family send you a bitter letter from Hell to tell you how much they appreciated your undercover lifestyle while they were alive on earth. What if your own child who died before you did, sent you a letter from Hell? Wouldn’t that just rip your soul to ribbons? Watch the eight-minute video above and share your comments about why it can be so detrimental to yourself and others around you to embrace an undercover lifestyle. You could help someone NOT go to Hell for eternity and send you the dreaded letter–your comments below please.

A place of darkness

What is so scary about the darkness?  Why does it captivate the minds of so many people when it comes to making horror movies and the like?  Originally God simply used the darkness to separate the night from day, but when sin came on the scene, darkness took on a new role.  God had to separate children of the light from the children of darkness.  The final dwelling place of sin, darkness and death would be in the Place of Darkness called Hell and then ultimately the Lake of Fire.  Hell is the Place of outer darkness where those who rejected the saving grace and salvation of our LORD Jesus Christ shall spend eternity after that first breath on the other side of life. 

The thing that blows me away is that most people don’t prefer cloudy days, let alone the nighttime, but yet most will spend their eternities in the blackest blackness.  How is it that people will spend 3-6 months preparing for a 1-week trip but never get around to considering the eternal trip of shadows?  The bible explains Hell in Matthew 8:12 as a place of outer darkness and much weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Luke 16:27 talks about a place where people will be separated from their loved ones for all eternity.  There are many words that describe Hell in the Greek and Hebrew languages, which are the languages that the bible was originally written in.  Those words include Sheol, Hades and other phrases like the pit, the abyss, place of worms, etc. 

One word I would like to bring attention to is the word in the Greek called Tartarus, which is the word used for Hell in only one place in the bible.  In 2 Peter 2:4 which basically talks about the place in Hell that is reserved for the worst Fallen Angels that did things that even regular evil demons did not cross the line.  The Greek definition describes this part of hell as the deepest Abyss in Hell.  I heard a commentary of a Scholar who said in a historical book (not biblical book) about this place that it is as far beneath Hell as the Earth is beneath Heaven.  That just gives us a brief understanding about Tartarus, the worse and darkest place in Hell.  The fire will never be extinguished and the smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever.

With such a horrible place looming in the wait for sinners, how does this place of darkness help you reassess your life and eternity?  Will it help change it for the good or do you even believe there is a real Place of Darkness called Hell? Share your comments with the community.

Apologetics: Are some people predestined to go to hell?

Many critics of the bible say that many people never have had a legitimate chance to come to salvation because God has already chosen them to go to Hell, according to their interpretation of Ephesians 1:11-12 and others like it.
The Strong’s Greek dictionary word for predestined is prooridzo meaning: determined before, preordained, election, foreknowledge. Many people vigorously debate this topic especially the Calvinist out there, but I believe if we look at it in its context with the rest of scripture we can get an accurate picture of what God was saying about the subject.
In saying that, no I do not believe that sinners have been predetermined to go to Hell because that would disregard many other scriptures that God has spoken of in direct response against this claim. John 3:16 is the most famous scripture against what people think predestination is saying because it refers to whosoever, which means anyone who accepts and puts their complete trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior will not be denied. Even 2 Peter 3:9The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance”, speaks of how God is not willing that any should perish(eternally), but he would like to see all come to repentance.
Exegesis, the correct way to interpret scripture within its own context, shows us there are too many other scriptures that speak of God’s love, goodness, and his long-suffering for humanity so that we should all come to faith through him and his work on the cross. A few other references would be1Cor1:17, 1 Cor 15:1-8, andEphesians 2:8,9. These all refer to his gift of salvation and the “good news”, which meant preaching the gospel, that all men and women can be saved because of the terrible price God paid.
Since this is true, it would not make sense that God would send his Son to die for those he already had predetermined to send to Hell. It’s like saying I paid for a lavish wedding for my daughter, but then allowed another couple to go in their place because I later found out there marriage would have a few arguments along the road–it doesn’t compute. So what do the hard scriptures of predestination mean then?
We understand the God of the bible to be known also as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. That means he never had a beginning and he is already at the end of eternity, past time. Of course, it is hard for us to comprehend. Bottom line, when he made all of creation, he knew who would be saved by his grace and who would reject it. He knew all the hundreds of times it would take you to accept the truth and come to it. With that foreknowledge, he sealed, ordained, justified you and every other Christian to be seated in heavenly places and sealed with the redemption of his blood.
He made a way of escape through each temptation and trial. We were predestined because he already knew from the beginning we would make it. Sinners who rejected him on the other hand and went to death with that decision, also had the same opportunities for salvation Christians did, but because of this blatant rejection and his foreknowledge of it, were not sealed by his blood, nor were there any other provisions made for them.
When Christians look at an unsaved person, we understand we don’t have the omniscience and foreknowledge of God, so we must treat all sinners alike, that they all have the opportunity to be saved from the place called Hell. Only God knows who will be saved and who won’t in the end, but he has given each person the opportunity for salvation because he is not only a great God, but also a just and fair judge.
Did you believe that God has had a plan for every single soul that has ever lived to be with him in Heaven? How has or has this article caused you to look differently at the doctrine of predestination? Please share your thoughts with the community.

Apologetics: why does God allow evil?

There are many reasons why there is evil in this world, but I believe the main reason stems from Genesis 3:6,  the original sin in Adam and Eve in the garden.  We know from this point, God put an accurse on all mankind, animals and the rest of the universe for disobedience against word.  When we see 911, the Columbine shootings and other atrocities like genocide, we know that evil runs ramped and seems not to be able to be snuffed out– why doesn’t he just  stop it from happening?  He loves us with a love than cannot be comprehended by natural minds or spiritual and he made everything perfect and good, but then the sin crept in.  Although evil and darkness are not things we desire, they actually shape and mold us for his glory if we are actually trying to be more like Christ daily.  This lifetime is the land of opportunities; we must either chose to glorify his name in the face of evil or by default give glory to the devil. God see life at a different angle, for his eyes go back and forth in the Earth, observing what is done good and bad and he will recompense those who gloat over evil.  You see, what the devil meant for evil in your lifetime, Gods going to get the glory in the end when all of history is played out.  He does not reveal the reasons for every suffering and tragedy, but it may be a part of the same reason you brought your children into the world, so that they could experience the thrill and excitement of life.  We had children because we wanted them to know us with us that we might help them grow into great people with integrity and character in their lives, despite its twist and turns.  Were we under the delusion that they would never fall down and scrape their knees, be made fun of, or be hurt by other kids? of course not, but yet we had them anyway.  That is the same reason our Creator created us and allowed evils and tragedies to fall upon us, so that not only would we be able to explore the wonders of his universe, but mo

Apologetics: Do Americans worship false gods?

In the bible it states the second commandment in Exodus 20:4 : “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that isin the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”  When  most people think of this commandment in our culture, they think of some African- Boombada tribesman in the thirdiest of the 3rd world countries bowing down to a wooden god made by people who still live in the stone age way out in the stix.  

You know you were thinking that.  Christians in America do not feel this commandment is even relevant many times because they assume it only applied to Moses and Israel back in the Old Testament. Some believers miss it when they think all Old Testament is out dated and only the New Testament is relevant.  One must look at the moral law that is the foundation of the Ten Commandments, which shall never be delt.  

The only one of the Ten Commandments, I believe that is a part of the ceremonial law was the fourth commandment of observing the Sabbath.  Other laws and items were specifically for that time and the Hebrew customs and ceremonial law. 

 Moreover, in America we have the honorable types of idols, such as a job that takes us away from family and friends–all in the name of money, or maybe just that new car that we are always raving about, bragging like obnoxious children who never were taught manners.  On the other hand, maybe it’s even our newest piece of technology that we cannot live without and getting praise in front of everyone.  Always selling out for and whatever it takes to get the latest and greatest. 

Nevertheless, C’mon on all you Americanized Christians out there, you’re better than that.

We must protect our hearts with all diligence with the Word of God, because the heart will worship whatever captivates it–Whatever is more important than a relationship with Jesus Christ has become our golden-idol.  Remember, just because you may not have any golden King Tut statues in your bathroom to see and physically worship while you’re on your throne, doesn’t mean you’re not worshiping the golden essence of its image in your heart.  

So yes, we Americans, if we do not humble ourselves under God, will and can easily break the second commandment.  Allow the LORD to cast down all idols that have been made in and are sitting on the throne of your heart, and allow him to come in and rearrange the furniture.  How do you feel about this post? please share with the community.