Are you a business owner,  marketing or content manager, or church leader, juggling tons of content writing responsibilities?  Is getting quality & reliable copywriting &  advertising a constant challenge?

Whether you’re a church or business and deal with the typical headaches of your projects in the following areas of: sermon notes & research, newsletters, blogging, case studies, updating website content, etc…..

There’s Hope on the Horizon!

Today’s Truth Writer can help you produce impactful content that asks the right questions,  moving  your clients & customers to action.  I’m a god-fearing Christian, who’s also a Freelance B2B Copywriter. My goal is to make you look good in front of your boss, clients, or congregation because I find solutions. 

Unique Benefits you get with using Today’s Truth Writer:

  • A good & godly perspective that will help you fulfill your vision.
  • Free consultation on all projects! where many copywriters can charge upwards of $100 hr
  • Almost 20 years of sales & marketing experience.
  • A proven turnkey system that works(below)

You get my 5 Step Turnkey System with Guaranteed Satisfaction and the following Benefits:

  • Professionally researched & study of product information for your project.
  • Executive Briefing Interview(s)(EBI) designed to capture the essence of  the product or service on paper.
  • Uniquely crafted questions specific to your writing project to produce the results you are looking for.
  • Strategic consulting & brainstorming when needed to help put a plan of action together that meets your project content goals.
  • Two revisions of submitted project.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction in meeting all deadlines & producing quality content.